How Much Bra Support is Right for You

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to sports bras. With all these options you can find a bra that works perfectly for you, once you manage to wade through everything that is out there. While trying to find a bra really does come down to how it feels on you, here are some things to think about so your search isn’t quite as daunting. How much support you need is going to be a driving factor in the bra that you choose. The amount of structure you are looking will vary greatly depending on what activity you are going to be wearing it for, how well-endowed you are, and what you find comfortable.


The requirements of a bra are going to be dependent on what it is used for. The amount of impact during an activity is really going to affect what you look for in a bra. For example, running is a high impact activity, you are going to need a bra the can put up with all that bouncing. On the other side, rejuvenating yoga is going to be gentle, so you can get away with much less structure. If you participate in a wide range of activities, you may find you need several different bras to suit your needs. Most bras have a rating for how much support they provide, you can use this as a great guide when you start your search.


Women who have larger breasts are generally going to need more support from their bra, compared to their flatter counterparts. There is just more stuff that needs to be held in place, meaning that the bra is going to be under more strain with the same activities. If you are not quite as blessed in this region you can get away with a little less. Make sure you keep this in mind while you are out shopping for a bra.

Comfort Levels

People are going to have different levels of comfort when it comes to bras. Generally, the more support a bra gives, the more uncomfortable it is going to be. This isn’t always true, as the having a bra that isn’t supportive enough for the activity can be very uncomfortable as well. However, most sports bras provide support by compression, with more compression leading to more support. Other things, like multiple straps or under-wires that are added to make a bra more supportive, can lead to discomfort.

A perfect bra is going to take these aspects and find a balance between all of them. A bra needs to be supportive enough to withstand the impact, while also remaining comfortable. Those two factors may seem at odds with each other, where you must choose one over the other to a varying degree; this means that some bras might not work that great in specific situations. Many people find having a variety of bras helps them tailor their wardrobe to what is going on, so don’t feel that you need to stick to only one kind of sports bra for all of your needs.

Airport Yoga For Traveling Stress

There is no denying that air travel can be a stressful endeavor. So finding an activity to help mitigate stress during any flight delays and long layovers can be a great use of time. With wellness and travel thriving, it’s refreshing to see that airports are catching on to the trend. With the rise of yoga’s popularity, it’s no surprise that airports around the world are becoming more accommodating to traveling yogis. Not only does yoga require minimal equipment, but it also offers both physical and mental health benefits. Frequent travelers know all too well that layovers and delayed flights can lead to long, wasted hours of sitting and waiting that add to already high stress levels.

These are a list of airports now offering a designated space for yoga within their airports.


San Francisco International Airport, CA

Located between Terminals 1 and 2; and in Terminal 3

The San Francisco International Airport opened its first yoga room in 2012. The two yoga rooms are open 24 hours, free of charge, and you’ll find a dimly lit and noise-free room, equipped with yoga mats and floor-to-ceiling mirrors. Both studios are located in the domestic departures area, meaning international travelers unfortunately do not have access.


Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, TX

Located between Terminals B and D airside (open 24 hours)

This airport features a full yoga studio that contains yoga mats, a privacy screen, and large windows with a great view of the runway. The studio is free of charge. A strip of tiled floor is covered in yoga mats, and decorated with a series of yoga-inspired paintings and potted plants


London Heathrow Airport, United Kingdom

SkyTeam Lounge in Terminal 4, opposite Gate 10 (open 5am – last flight)

What started as a project in 2014 gave way to a permanent yoga studio in London’s Heathrow Airport. Unlike the rest of the studios on this list, though, you’ll have to buy a pass to access the SkyTeam lounge in order to use the yoga facility. However, with this splurge you get access to an oxygen bar, a wine bar, a wellness center and complimentary food and drink, in addition to your yoga mat and video exercises.


Burlington International Airport, VT

Located at Second floor, airside (open 4am – 10pm)

In addition to its other relaxing areas, complete with rocking chairs and comfy couches, this luxurious New England airport offers a yoga space for its patrons. Two of Vermont’s local yoga studios – Evolution Physical Therapy and Yoga, and Yoga in Burlington – co-designed this tranquil tangerine and green studio. The room is free to use, and there are shower facilities nearby if needed.


Chicago O’Hare International Airport, IL

Located at Terminal 3 Mezzanine Level, Airside (open 6am – 10pm)

One of the busiest airports in the world, Studio offers a peaceful space for travelers to practice yoga and meditate. This 15×16 foot space is complete with bamboo flooring, full body mirrors, frosted glass windows, yoga mats, relaxing audio, and a video monitor that displays yoga poses and nature imagery.


Chicago Midway Airport (MDW)

Located at Concourse C (open 6am – 10pm)

In September, 2014, Chicago Midway joined the list of terminals offering yoga spaces. Like O’Hare, this free studio has bamboo flooring, full-length mirrors, a few plants, mats, a television displaying yoga postures and images of nature to a soothing soundtrack. There is no change room in the studio, but a bathroom is located nearby and the studio has a small space to store personal belongings.


Sioux Falls Airport (FSD)

In 2015, a local fitness company opened a yoga studio in Sioux Falls Regional Airport near the terminal’s business center. It is equipped with a handful of yoga mats, and charts that recommend postures for before and after your flight.


Helsinki Airport (HEL) Kainuu Lounge (open 24 hours)

Back in 2014, Helsinki piloted guided yoga classes in their tranquil Kainuu multiuse lounge. Though this was only a short-term project, mats are available year round in this space. You can also find a Book Swap, ergonomic chairs, extra soft carpet and free Wi-Fi 24 hours a day.


Frankfurt Airport (FRA)

Near C14 in Terminal 1 after security and near D1 in Terminal 2 after passport control (open 24 hours)

Frankfurt International kicked off 2016 by opening two new yoga rooms in Terminals 1 and 2. Visitors are provided with all the equipment they need – mats, blocks, cushions, pads and floor-to-ceiling mirrors – free of charge, in a dimly lit room. Televisions and flyers guide travelers through yoga practices, while music and a giant Buddha portrait enhance the calming atmosphere.

Check out this interesting video by a yogi lover Natasha who demonstrates her ways of practicing airport yoga.

Thanks for reading and have fun!