Svadhisthana: The Chakra of Creativity

Located in the lower abdomen, the second chakra is associated with our creative nature and sexuality. The word “Svadhisthana” itself means “the dwelling place of the self.” After our root chakra is stabilized, we can start building on how we express ourselves in the world around us. 

The element of water is strongly associated with Svadhisthana. When we think of water, we think of fluidity, balance, and flexibility. It is reflective of how we feel when our second chakra is balanced. Wellness, pleasure, abundance, and joy are all elements of an open creative chakra. When Svadhisthana is closed, we might experience sexual dysfunction, depression and emotional instability. Essentially, we have issues when it comes to expressing our true nature. 

Humans have an intrinsically creative nature. The most obvious example of this is through procreation, and although Svadhisthana is responsible for this, it is not its only purpose. Creation comes in many forms. Art, dance and music are probably some of the most prominent examples, but creation also happens in our everyday lives. When we are cooking, decorating, working, or even thinking of a solution to a problem, we are calling on our creative energy to assist us. 

Being creative is about taking risks. No good artist or chef has been given positive feedback throughout the entire journey. In fact, when we are children we are often discouraged from creative endeavors, believing they lead to financial instability and a disconnect from society. Most adults leave their playful creativity in childhood and become used to following what is seen as socially acceptable. The best way to reignite your creative nature is to engage in child-like play. It means creating without judgment. Children are rarely discouraged if their work isn’t perfect. If they don’t like what they have created, they will simply start again. When we are creative without judgment, we feel more open and free; our ability to connect with others improve and our choices are better informed. So put on an 80s costume and get choreographing some routines to the music of your childhood!

Ways To Balance Svadhisthana 

  • Mantras

A great way to get in touch with and clear our chakras is through verbal affirmations. Mantra repetition helps to focus the mind and balance our emotional wellbeing. If you know how and where the blockage is manifesting, then you can use this information to create a mantra specific to you. Even repeating words such as I am creative, open, energetic being, can have profound effects on clearing your creative cent. 

  • Colors

The color of the second chakra is a deep orange. During meditation, envision this color emitting from your lower abdomen. 

  • Creativity 

Whether you consider yourself a creative person or not, engaging yourself in expressive tasks will help to build your creative ability. You can express yourself anywhere at any time. Something as simple as singing along to music while you go about your daily activities serves as an act of expression.

  • Aromatherapy

Burning oils to promote healing and relaxation has been used for centuries. Essential oils for Svadhisthana include pine, spruce, and fir.

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